About Haven Pharmacy

Haven Pharmacy is a group of independent pharmacists who havecome together to provide you and your family with invaluable health advice – on your doorstep.

We are the leading, fastest growing independent co-operative pharmacy group in Ireland with over 100 pharmacists, over 300 staff, practising in urban and rural areas – and dispensing more medicines than any other pharmacy group in Ireland.

At Haven Pharmacy we’ll take your personal health, personally. We’re expert, local, personal and tailored to you.

What can we offer you?

  • We’ll bring you the best healthcare advice in the country through our group of local independent pharmacists.
  • We’ll provide you with expert, impartial and relevant health advice to you and your family.
  • We’ll offer you the best value on health products and services across our pharmacy group all over Ireland.

Here are five great reasons to visit your nearest Haven Pharmacy store, or click here to find out more about where our story began…