The Haven Pharmacy Story

Haven Pharmacy is the new brand created by the Indepharm Co-Operative Group – which was founded in 2008 by pharmacist brothers John and Neil Rafferty.

A pharmacists’ shared vision

The group is made up of independent community pharmacists from all over Ireland who all share the same vision for the future.

Being part of a co-operative group means we can develop cost efficiencies, share the latest thinking and work practices but still retain the autonomy and independence to deliver on the needs of the changing pharmacy consumer – and our own local community- which many of us have been serving for generations.

Together we have been able to innovate, think differently and be more proactive about change – which led us to the creation of Haven Pharmacy.

The birth of Haven Pharmacy

Haven Pharmacy has been created by every single one of our members in response to a changing market landscape.

Today’s pharmacy consumer requires a new type of pharmacy experience. Self-care and self-medication is on the increase and there are more pharmacy visits for minor ailments as well as chronic conditions.

More consumers are requiring more advice, more education and more time from their pharmacist – and we have to deliver.

Haven Pharmacy is a brand that has been created for today’s pharmacy consumer.

At Haven Pharmacy we will draw on the very best of what got us here today: shared knowledge and practices, added value, a co-operative culture but this time we’re making it more available to a more demanding and more interested consumer – who deserves the same familiar experience teamed with the very best and latest in expert pharmacy care

We’ll offer you the same impartial advice, consistently good value, a personal, credible and familiar experience – no matter where you are in the country.