The Haven Pharmacy Story

Haven Pharmacy is an independent Co-Operative Group founded in 2008 by pharmacist brothers John and Neil Rafferty. All pharmacies are independently owned and enshrined in local communities around Ireland.

A Pharmacists’ Shared Vision

The group is made up of independent community pharmacists from all over Ireland who all share the same vision for the future.

Being part of this co-operative group means our pharmacies can develop cost efficiencies, share the latest thinking and work practices, while retaining the autonomy and independence to deliver on the needs of the changing pharmacy consumer.  Moreover, our independence affords each pharmacy the flexibility to cater for the varying needs of their local communities and avoid a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

Together we have been able to innovate, share crucial industry experience and knowledge, to think differently and be more proactive about change. This culminated in the creation of the Haven brand in 2012…

About Haven

The Haven Pharmacy brand has been created by every single one of our members in response to a changing market landscape. The Haven brand reflects our members and our members reflect the Haven brand. It’s based on the principle of behaving nationally and delivering locally. It also represents our support of local initiatives to keep local and rural Irish communities flourishing.

Today’s pharmacy consumer requires a new type of pharmacy experience. Self-care and self-medication is on the increase and there are more pharmacy visits for minor ailments as well as chronic conditions. A growing number of patients and consumers are requiring more advice, more education and more time from their pharmacist – and we have to deliver.

Haven is more than just a brand. It is a promise. A promise from our members to our patients, our customers, our communities and our staff, to deliver on our values and provide the highest standards of care to everyone that crosses our door.