September Top 5

This month our Top 5 September Savings are specially selected for new / expectant Mums & Baby. Exceptional value on trusted brands you can rely on for you and your little bundle of joy!


Aveeno Baby Range – Save 33%

Nourish & protect sensitive baby skin. The AVEENO® Baby range is specially formulated for baby’s skin, with natural oats – without any parabens, dyes or alcohol.

Aveeno Baby Shampoo and Wash – fresh from head to tiny toes!
AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo contains natural Oat Extract, known for its soothing and nourishing properties. And the rich lather rinses clean, leaving a light, fresh fragrance.
· With soothing natural Oat Extract
· Hypoallergenic baby wash
· Tear- and soap-free formula
· Gentle enough for everyday use

Aveeno Baby Moisturiser – A daily dose of softness
AVEENO® Baby Daily Moisture Fragrance-Free Lotion is non-greasy and is formulated with natural Colloidal Oatmeal to help prevent chafed, chapped or cracked skin. Use it every day to keep your little one’s skin soft, smooth, and healthy.
· With soothing natural Colloidal Oatmeal and dimethicone
· Helps prevent and temporarily protect chafed, chapped or cracked skin
· Hypoallergenic
· Fragrance-free and dye-free
Paraben-free and phthalate-free
Gentle enough for everyday use

Aveeno Baby Wipes leaves sensitive baby skin hydrated and protected from the first use. AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Wipes, with oat & aloe extract, gently cleanses delicate baby skin and is formulated to help prevent redness.
· Paediatrician tested
· Free from parabens, dyes, soap and alcohol
· Fragrance free
· For dry & sensitive skin
· pH balanced

Caldesene Baby Range – Save 35%
When nappy rash occurs, nothing’s more important than getting your baby comfortable. Caldesene Baby is just what you need to get your baby comfy fast. Caldesene helps to heal nappy rash and prevent it from returning. More than half of babies ages 4-15 months suffer from nappy rash at least once. It can occur anytime your child wears nappies but is more common in babies during their first 15 months. Nappy rash is upsetting to Mum and uncomfortable for baby. But the good news is, most nappy rashes can be treated with simple home remedies, like Caldesene Baby. Caldesene has a unique formula that treats, protects and soothes….
– Caldesene Powder is a baby powder that can protect your baby from nappy rash in several different ways, it attacks harmful bacteria and soothes skin irritation which helps prevent rashes. Caldesene Powder’s special formulation also means that it forms a barrier against wetness on your baby’s skin.

– To complement the Powder there is Caldease Ointment which also helps to heal your baby’s nappy rash. Caldease Ointment is applied before the powder and works under the Caldesene powder, to put back fluids to the skin area and acts as a moisturiser and will help prevent recurrence of the nappy rash.

– With Caldespray there is no need to rub baby’s irritated skin which might be painful. The practical spray bottle is hygenic and easy to use, just spray and go! With CaldeSpray there is no mess and no sticky fingers.


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Water Wipes – Only €2.50

A baby’s skin is much more delicate than your own. So it should be cleaned with only the gentlest and purest elements possible.

WaterWipes are the only wipes made with 99.9% water, specially purified and softened, and a tiny drop of grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner. Carefully designed to be gentle on newborn and premature babies delicate and sensitive skin, waterwipes are a suitable alternative to cotton wool and water.

Because WaterWipes are the World’s purest baby wipe, they have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from The National Eczema Association for being the most suitable skincare product for newborn babies. The only baby wipe to be approved by Allergy UK.


Bio Oil – Save 33%

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, helps the oil to be light and non-greasy, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients of its key ingredients: Vitamins A and E, and the natural plant oils Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile to affected areas. Bio-Oil promotes healthy, radiant skin, is non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types.
It has been clinically proven to help improve the appearance of new or old scars, whether from surgery, accidents, burns, insect bites, scratches or conditions such as acne or chickenpox. Although younger scars will have a greater chance of improvement, studies have shown that older scars also benefit from regular use of Bio-Oil.
Bio-Oil is a clinically proven and award winning, multi-tasking product that helps improve the appearance of scars, diminish the uneven skin tone, and increase the elasticity of the skin to decrease stretch marks.

· Improve the appearance of scars
Bio-Oil works as a facial moisturizer and helps to reduce the appearance of all scars (both new and old) by improving the condition of skin with scar tissue

· Improve stretch marks
It helps to keep the skin as elastic as possible, thereby, helping to prevent stretch marks from developing during periods of rapid change in body sizes

· Improve uneven skin tone
Bio-Oil helps to smooth, firm and nourish ageing and wrinkled skin and promote even skin tone.

· Help numerous skin concerns like Dry Skin
Bio oil can be used for soothing dry skin, as nourishing hand and cuticle lotion, after-sun treatment, and as a daily skincare specialist moisturiser for face and body replenishes the skin’s natural oils.

Is it safe to use Bio-Oil during pregnancy?
Yes, Bio-Oil is safe to use throughout pregnancy. With regards to the level of Vitamin A in Bio-Oil, it is low enough to render it harmless to the unborn child. Most healthcare professionals agree that for safety the daily intake of Vitamin A by an expectant mother should not exceed 5,000 I.U per gram. Taking absorption factors into account, an expectant mother would have to use more than 110ml of BioOil per day, or almost two 60ml bottles, before exceeding the recommended daily maximum intake!

Can Bio-Oil be used on babies?
We recommend that Bio-Oil is not used on babies until they are over two years of age. Even though the fragrance level in Bio-Oil is very low (0.2%) and the essential oils contained in the product are of a very low concentration, young babies are very sensitive so as a precautionary measure we would not suggest using it on them. If you do apply Bio-Oil to your child please take care to avoid areas near the eyes and mouth.

Is it safe to use Bio-Oil while breastfeeding/nursing?
It is 100% safe to use Bio-Oil on your body while breastfeeding/nursing. However, we would not recommend using it on the nipples – although Bio-Oil is non-toxic, babies are very sensitive and we do not recommend that they ingest Bio-Oil, even in the very smallest amounts. If you are in any doubt, please consult your GP.


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