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What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis occurs when more bone is naturally lost than replaced. This results in bones becoming more fragile and therefore breaks more easily. Osteoporosis is when bones are more porous and it affects 1 in 5 men and 1 in 2 women. Signs & Symptoms Often there are no signs or symptoms prior to a person […]

Haven Pharmacy McLaughlins in Walkinstown are Hiring!

Haven Pharmacy McLaughlins are looking to hire a full-time front of shop assistant with retail experience. The working hours are Monday -Friday 9.30am to 6pm. If interested, please email your CV to rachel.ennis@havenpharmacy.ie

One Man’s Story: How Self-Care Can Save a Life

The Dungarvan Leader covered an important story in their latest issue that we feel is important to share. While the members of Dungarvan Men’s Shed were chatting last week, the men were discussing the importance of health monitoring and sharing their own experiences. One member spoke about the Irish Men’s Shed Health Event that he […]

May Top 5 – Amazing Savings at Haven Pharmacy!

50% Off – Sudocrem Care & Protect Sudocrem Care & Protect is gentle yet effective and can be used daily even on newborn babies. The hypoallergenic triple-care ointment is so light that it glides on to delicate skin without dragging or pulling. And because Sudocrem Care & Protect has been developed specifically for babies, all […]

Haven Pharmacy Raise €17408 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital

Haven Pharmacy are honoured to announce that have collectively raised a COLOSSAL €17,408.00 for  Temple Street Children’s Hospital Foundation through their participation in ‘The Great Irish Bake’. Haven Pharmacy would like to sincerely thank every single person who contributed to this fantastic fundraiser. They were overwhelmed with the generosity of all who took part. A special word […]

Stroke – Would You Know What to Do?

The sooner a person receives treatment for a stroke, the less damage is likely to happen. Always air on the side of caution and seek emergency medical advice if you suspect that you or someone you know might be having a stroke.   What Causes a Stroke? A stroke occurs when a blood vessel, which […]

Amazing April Top 5 Offers!!

  25% Off – Caldesene Caldesene® is recognised as safe and effective by parents and doctors in treating diaper rash, prickly heat, and chafing. No messy creams or gels, just gentle powder you can use with every diaper change. 25% Off – Centrum Range Centrum have a range of multivitimins with essential nutrients to keep […]

Care in the Community – Men’s Sheds

In March 2017 Indepharm & Haven Pharmacy announced their multi-year charity partnership with the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. The Irish Men’s Sheds Association is a registered charity focused on supporting a grassroots network of sheds, workshops and meeting places for men of all ages. There are over 400 sheds with over 10,000 members in 150 […]

Lets Talk About BV

Bacterial vaginosis or BV is caused by an imbalance of the normal bacteria in the vagina. BV does not usually cause any vaginal soreness or itching but it often causes unusual vaginal discharge and odour. Normally, there is a delicate balance between different bacterial species that live naturally within the vagina. Your vagina is normally […]