Care in the Community – Men’s Sheds

In March 2017 Indepharm & Haven Pharmacy announced their multi-year charity partnership with the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. The Irish Men’s Sheds Association is a registered charity focused on supporting a grassroots network of sheds, workshops and meeting places for men of all ages. There are over 400 sheds with over 10,000 members in 150 towns across Ireland. Its patron is President Michael D Higgins. Both organisations share an ethos of caring for the health and well-being of their local communities across Ireland.

Indepharm provide central funding and advisory services to Irish Men’s Sheds and this is supported by Haven Pharmacies in local communities through the promotion of Health and Wellness awareness initiatives. Over the last year, Haven have been developing strong local ties with Men’s Sheds members and their families.

Since the announcement in March last year, Haven Pharmacies and Pharmacists have provided integral support for Sheds across the country through providing supplies such as first aid kits and attending the sheds to give talks on how the men can better care for their health and well-being.

Haven are dedicated to improving the lives of people in local communities through providing them with expert advice around self-care. The message is to ‘look after your health, while healthy’. Each pharmacy is equipped to advise anyone that comes through its doors about any concerns they may have in relation to their health and well-being.

Haven Pharmacies and Irish Men’s Sheds continue to unite for shared interests in local communities across Ireland. Here’s an insight into a project they took on last November to tackle the rhododendron in Killarney National Park.