Haven Prescriptions App FAQ’s

The following frequently asked questions should help answer any questions you may have on the Haven Prescriptions App:

Once you download the app, you will be first asked to enter a 4-digit PIN number, your contact and caregiver/doctor details. Thereafter you can select your Haven Pharmacy – the closest Haven Pharmacy to you will be at the top of the list. Once you have selected a pharmacy, we will ask your permission to send notifications. Please agree to allow us to send notifications.

If you opt out of notifications, you will not receive alerts such as prescription ready for collection, repeat order reminders or other relevant messages from the pharmacy.

Press the PRESCRIPTION button on the opening screen, enter your PIN number and then press the + or New Order button. Enter the prescription details. You can also take a photo of the prescription.

If you have a repeat prescription, you can elect to have a reminder sent to you the next time your repeat order is due. Just enter the number of days for your next reminder. For most monthly prescriptions, please enter 28 (days).

Yes, the pharmacist must review the original prescription and stamp it before dispensing the medication. This is a regulatory requirement.

Once you submit the prescription order, a Thank You message appears stating the pharmacy has received your order.

Once the prescription is ready, we will send you a message that it is ready. For longer lead-time medications, we will send you a Processing Order message.

Yes, we recommend that you leave your repeat safely on file at your Haven Pharmacy. This means we can more easily process future prescription orders from the mobile app.

Open the relevant order in the app and press the UPDATE button. Please modify the order and press save. We will get a notification that you have made a change to the order.

Yes, you can. Open the relevant order in the app and scroll down until you see Timeline view. Enter a message and press send. All messages from the pharmacy will be in the same Timeline view.

Please go to the SETTINGS icon (looks like a Gear icon) to Manage Patients. You can edit, add or remove patients from the app. Then just order as you would for yourself.

If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact your pharmacy and ask them to create a recovery code. This is a 9-digit number that you enter into the app when requested.

Download the Haven Pharmacy app onto your new phone. Once downloaded, please contact your pharmacy, and ask them to create a recovery code. Enter the code and a PIN number. All your patient, medication and reminder information will get downloaded to the app.

Yes, just open the Information button and press the phone number.

Yes, the app is GDPR complaint. In the app, you can view the privacy policy and close your account which will remove your data from our servers. On request, the pharmacy can also export your app related data.

It is very secure. All patient and prescription information are encrypted in a fully walled off system.