Haven Rewards Card FAQ’s

The following frequently asked questions should help answer any questions you may have on the Haven Rewards Program:

New card / replacement card queries

If your Haven Rewards Card is lost or stolen, you can pick up your new card in store and can use straight away to earn points. Our in-store Haven assistant will ask you to fill out a new application with your current registered mobile and email to ensure your points are transferred to your new card.

Registering on havenpharmacy.ie and collecting my points

You can register online by clicking here
Collect points every time you shop in Haven Pharmacy**. Remember to have your Rewards Card with you to collect points!

Amending your personal details

You can easily change your personal details online by visiting https://havenpharmacy.ie/rewards/login

How do I check my point balance in-store?

There is a Haven Rewards points statement at the bottom of your till receipt, which will tell you how many Haven points you have collected. Or you can ask any Haven assistant in-store and they will be more than happy to help you.

How do I check my point balance online?

You can check your balance via My Account

How do I spend my points?

You can spend your points any time on almost anything in store*
When you get to the till, just present your Haven Rewards Card and let the till assistant know that you would like to pay with your points. You can part pay the purchase with points and pay the balance with cash or credit, or you can pay the full price of the product with points should you have enough points to cover the full cost. The balance of points on your Haven Rewards Card will be automatically updated.

* Points cannot be spent or accumulated on the following restricted products: Prescription Levy; Plastic Bag Levy: Infant Milks and Baby Food for infants 5 months and under; Gift Cards & Vouchers; Haven Pharmacy Savings Schemes. Check your local Haven Pharmacy for restrictions on Prescription Drugs & Dispensary Items; Licensed Medicines including Drug Payments Scheme; Photo Kiosk; Haven Pharmacy Services.

I have bought a product using my points, am I still entitled to an exchange/refund?

Yes. If you are taking a product back to your local Haven Pharmacy, please ensure you bring your Haven Rewards Card with you so the points can be credited back onto the account. Our usual refund policy applies for the product.

What do you do with my data?

This information, as well as the details of the amount and description of purchases made with the Haven Rewards Card, together with some analysis of such purchases will be retained. Haven Pharmacy may from time to time, send you information including offers of goods & services and competitions from which we think you may find of interest. Data provided to Haven Pharmacy will not be passed onto to any other party. Your participation in the Haven Rewards Program constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

If you have any further concerns or queries, please get in touch here